RC Boats

At Nitrotek we only sell hobby grade boats. These are much faster and fun than the ones sold in toy shops. The first thing to consider when buying an RC boat is whether you need a Kit, ARR or RTR. RTR boats have everything included so if you don't have any of your own equipment then this is the type to go for. ARR ones have everything included apart from the radio equipment. If you already have a 2CH radio set from say an RC car then you can save some money by buying an ARR boat. Kit versions come with everything apart from motor, ESC, battery, charger, transmitter and receiver. Again if you already have these items then you can save a lot by purchasing a Kit. If you choose RTR or ARR you must decided between brushed or brushless. Brushless are more expensive but much quicker. The good thing about a brushed version is that you can easily upgrade it to brushless later. If for example you buy someone a brushed boat as a gift, on the next occasion you could buy them a brushless motor set. Another thing to consider is the size. In general the medium and large ones are faster than the small ones but they need more space to use them. The small ones are cheaper, easier to transport and the ones we sell which are all hobby grade are still very fast. They are the best choice if you want to use in a pool. The medium sized ones are very fast and the most popular as they are more affordable than the large ones. The large ones are popular for hobby enthusiasts who want the very best and have access to large lakes to race them on.


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