Starter Boxes And Electric Starters

A starter box or electric starter can be used to start some nitro RC cars instead of using a pull start. The starter box has a rubber wheel on the top so when the RC car is placed on top of the starter box the rubber wheel turns the engine's flywheel to start the engine. An electric starter actually attaches to a nitro engine and uses a built in or external motor to turn the motor over when starting instead of pulling the pull start. Please note a glow start is still required to ignite the engine, the starter just replaces having to use a pull starter. In order to use a starter box your nitro model must have a big enough hole in the chassis for the starter box's wheel to fit through and turn the flywheel. Most 1:8 scale models can use a starter box without problem but not all 1:10 scale ones can. Some starter boxes will only work with 1:8 scale models and some will work with various scale models as they have different sized wheels. Please check the descriptions to see which starter box is compatible with your model.


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